The City Livery Yacht Club was originally formed as the Yachting Section of the City Livery Club in 1956 by enthusiastic yachtsmen: to promote interest in yachting by means of discussions, lectures, cruising and racing; to develop close contact between those Members of the City Livery Club who were interested in the sea and ships: and to encourage the sport of sailing. The Club was recognised as a Club by the Royal Yachting Association in 1958.

In 1965, a contingent of members’ yachts made the passage from Ramsgate to Dunkirk under the auspices of the Yacht and Motor Boat Association to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the relief of the British Forces. In the same year BBC weather forecasts for coastal waters were introduced as a result of strong representations on the part of Capt O M Watts (Vice Commodore), as Editor of ‘Reed’s Nautical Almanac’, together with support from other notable sailors including Senior Rear Commodore Capt W H Coombs, CBE RNR, one of the Younger Brethren of Trinity House.

Sir James Miller, Lord Mayor of London, was installed as Honorary Commodore in 1965.

The record for the longest term as Commodore was held by Capt O M Watts – from 1966 to 1980, when he was installed as Honorary Commodore.

The Club’s current Admiral is Commodore Anthony Morrow.  Anthony follows in the distinguished footsteps of Sir Trevor Soar KCB OBE, Sir Robin Gillett GBE,RD and Sir Clive Martin OBE, TD, DL, both past Lord Mayors of London.

Management of the Yacht Club is vested in the Committee, together with a Commodore, Vice Commodores, Rear Commodores, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary, supported by the Admiral and Past Commodores.

Mess dress was introduced in December 1969 and the Club was granted the power to issue Defaced Blue Ensigns to its members in 1977.

In 1996, members of the Club voted to extend membership to all Liverymen of the City of London Livery Companies and members of The Guild of Freemen, without the prior qualification of being a member of the City Livery Club, whether or not they are yacht owners. They must, however, be interested in encouraging yachting.

At the 2007 AGM, members voted to extend membership to persons who have been granted the Freedom of a Livery Company or a City of London Guild or Company without Livery and also hold the Freedom of the City of London, as well as introducing a Companion grade for the bereaved spouses or partners of members.


The Club Has a Special Toast!

The Club laid down another part of its distinctive ceremony the winter of 2008-9. The Judges chose a special Club Toast to be used at our Dinners: “The City Livery Yacht Club – may she sail ever forward.”

Historic dates

First (preliminary) meeting
17 October 1956

Letter of establishment as the Yachting Section from the City Livery Club
28 November 1956

First (regular) meeting
21 March 1957

First Fitting Out Cocktail Party, aboard HQS Wellington
20 May 1957

First Cowes Rally
29-30 June 1957

First Laying Up Dinner
21 November 1957

RYA recognises CLYC as a Club
10 July 1958

Power to issue Defaced Blue Ensigns granted
10 October 1977

Membership opened to all Liverymen and members of the Guild of Freemen
December 1996

Membership opened to Freemen of Livery Companies and City Companies without Livery
December 2009


Sir Paul Booth (Chairman)
Charles Argent
W Herbert Bishop
C L Elvy
W Lepard
Kenneth J Lindy FRIBA
Bernard Stroulger
R W Thompson FIAS MIMarE AMIMechE
A Walker
S R M Wade
J B Pinchard
C R C Marlow
A E Weatherston
William D Vickers
A Stanley Bell